PMME is a one-man business. I like to make the impossible possible. With this I like to be the added value for the customers and become a member of his team.
I am specialized in guiding a product from idea to production. My expertise lies in implantable (bio)medical and/or pharmaceutical products where material properties or composition are the key to the performance of the application. My customers develop products which are innovative and the product criteria have a high target. I am specialized in controlling product properties by tuning the material properties and/or compositions to reach the targets (e.g. synthesis), especially in the field of implantable pharmaceutical formulations and (bio)medical materials. I am able to guide the process of setting product criteria until the full development of a production process. Also I am able to perform literature and laboratory research and pilot scale processing. Moreover, by combining my expertise with knowledge of the market and a network of knowledge partners and institutes, I am able to provide a custom made solution.
In addition I am a master in creatively generating innovative product idea's for next generations of the product as total new concepts.