The basis of all good research is to have a reliable characterization methods. This is certainly the case for the pharmaceutical and (bio)medical fields. We are skilled in polymer physics and knowledge partners that are very strong in analytical chemistry. This gives use the ability to characterize all the different aspects which are required for the development of a new product. Next to the use of well established methods we are also strong in developing new methods, if needed. With these capabilties of us, we can help customers by providing single analysis up to special methods for new concepts. In combination with the pharmaceutical/(bio)medical and material knowledge of PMME, we can give support during the complete development path of a product.

Methods PMME is familiar with:
- Dissolution test of pharmaceutical dosage systems
- Assay / release tests
- Residual monomers or impurities
- Thermal analysis
- Polymer characterization (chemical/physical structure analysis)
- Rheology
- Mechanical testing

Even more important: We (including knowledge partners) are skilled in method development. These resulting characterization method can also be used for quality control. This gives PMME the ability to test new concepts in an early stage, that are suitable for the later, GMP production environment.