PMME is a small consultancy company which give us the ability to react fast. To be able to put a product in to the market, many disciplines and different facilities are needed. To be able to help our clients with the whole concept, we have partners who cooperate with us. For the laboratory facilities and chemical knowledge we cooperate with the Radboud University and for the application side of the product, with the academic hospital UMC Radboud. Because our office is located in the Radboud University we have short communication lines.

Additionally, we have a strong network of former Organon/MSD and Synthon people available for consultancy in different fields (e.g. IP, RA, packaging). Together, we can help in the complete process of getting a product in production.

We are aware of the thrust and confidentiality requirements that are needed for long term research. Therefore, We do not share information with others including our partners unless approved by our clients and covered under an appropriate non-disclosure agreements.