PMME B.V. is an engineering agency, specialised in the field of biomedical materials. We are a small multidisciplinary team of dedicated people. We like to make the impossible possible, adding value to your product development projects and your project-team.

We are specialized in guiding a product idea towards production of an actual product. Our expertise lies in implantable (bio)medical and/or pharmaceutical products, where material properties or composition are the key to the performance of the product.

We guide our clients in the development of their innovative products to the desired specifications. We are specialised in controlling the product characteristics by tuning fysio/chemical properties of the materials used through their composition and method of preparation. We are capable of guiding our clients from the point of setting the specifications to the full development of the production process. We are also masters in creatively generating innovative product idea's for next generation products, or to bring total new product concepts to our clients.

To achieve this, we offer our clients both desk and laboratory research services, including pilot scale process capabilities. Moreover, by combining our expertise of the technical field, our keen eye on the market and a network of knowledge partners, we can offer our clients a fully customized solution.